About Us

Shipment Shark has opened its doors to safely and securely ship our customers’ packages from the U.S. directly to Jamaica at the most affordable rates. Professionalism, Exceptional Customer Service and Reliability are the three (3) core values we incorporate into our daily operations. We are deeply passionate and committed to building trusting relationships with our customers and giving every customer the highest level of service. We are here to listen, understand and fulfill our customers’ needs, and to promote a positive, helpful and friendly climate. Let Shipment Shark give you the best shipping experience!

To deliver the highest level of services to our customers, sustain excellence, and continuously advance our competencies.

To be the most distinguished shipping company in the industry providing exceptional services at the most competitive rates.

How it works?

Step 1

Create a Shipment Shark account

Step 2

Purchase from your favourite online stores using the U.S. address you were provided with

Step 3

You will be notified when your packages are ready for collection

Shipping Rates

  • Weight in Lbs.
    Rates in JMD
  • 1 Lb
  • 2 Lbs
  • 3 Lbs
  • 4 Lbs
  • 5 Lbs
  • 6 Lbs
  • 7 Lbs
  • 8 Lbs
  • 9 Lbs
  • 10 Lbs
  • 11 Lbs
  • 12 Lbs
  • 13 Lbs
  • 14 Lbs
  • 15 Lbs
  • 16 Lbs
  • 17 Lbs
  • 18 Lbs
  • 19 Lbs
  • 20 Lbs

$400 per additional pound for packages weight over 21lbs

All packages under 5lbs will attract a processing fee of JMD $100

All packages over 5 pounds will attract a processing fee of JMD $300

We deliver in Clarendon, St Catherine and Kingston

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to create an account?

You are required to create an account to access your U.S. mailing address, for package identification, shipping of packages, and receiving updates.

Why does my package appear open?

One of the mandates of the Jamaica Customs Agency is border protection. Hence, all packages arriving on the Island are liable for Customs inspection.

How do I avoid paying customs duties?

Packages exceeding the value of US$50 may be subject to customs duty.

How long does it take for my package to arrive in Jamaica?

After your package is delivered to the overseas address, it is sent to Jamaica on the next shipment.

Why am I required to provide an invoice for my package?

It is obligatory by the Jamaica Customs Agency for Shipment Shark to declare the contents and value of every package coming into the Island. For this purpose, you are required to upload all invoices using your online portal within 72 hours of your package/s being delivered to your U.S. address. Failure to provide invoices may result in delays, detention of goods, or Customs might assess a different value for your package.